Crime Prevention Training & Teaching Resources

Over a number of years, I have developed a series of crime prevention training and teaching resources. These resources have been used and tested in literally hundreds of training sessions, lectures, tutorials and presentations to:

  • Police
  • Security guards
  • Crime prevention practitioners
  • University students
  • Crime prevention committees
  • Community safety audit groups

These resources seek to help explain key crime prevention theories and concepts, while also providing opportunities to explore practical crime prevention exercises. The process of learning how best to present crime prevention concepts continues, so these resources cannot be considered as the final word. Existing resources will be updated and refined. Further topics, issues and case studies will continue to emerge from my work, informing the development of new resources which will be added to this website periodically.

These crime prevention training and teaching resources are freely available for your use. All that I ask is that you acknowledge authorship if you use these resources and you provide feedback to let me know how you found them.

Garner Clancey