Case Studies and Exercises

I have sought to refine the messages and teaching methods through the delivery of many training sessions, lectures, tutorials and presentations. Combining theory with practical examples; including images wherever possible; stimulating discussion; and presenting problems for groups to solve, are just some of the ways that I try to bring to life the crime prevention literature. I am acutely aware that crime prevention is not just a theoretical exercise – it often involves working with numerous partners; it often relies on limited data and information; it is always political. Consequently, I have attempted to develop training and teaching resources that enable knowledge to be gained within the context of real life scenarios.

Little guidance is required for use of most of these resources. To use these resources, some prior knowledge and experience in crime prevention practice is preferable. Resource areas include;

Please note that all of the photos included in these resources have been taken by me or I have purchased their production.

Crime Prevention Practice
Snapshot of the NSW Criminal Justice System in 2014 Download PDF
Five Reasons Not to Rely on the CJS Alone to Prevent Crime. [Poster] Download PDF
Criminal Mind Series           Download PDF
Introduction to Crime Data Analysis           Download PDF
Implementation           Download PDF
An Integrated Approach to Crime Prevention           Download PDF
Crime Prevention Partnerships           Download PDF
Evaluation  Download PDF
Evaluation and Evidence-based Practice           Download PDF
Unintended Consequences           Download PDF
Effective Community Education Campaigns           Download PDF
Repeat Victimisation           Download PDF
Local Government Case Study           Download PDF
Criminology’s Dirty Little Secret           Download PDF
Drug Court – A Client’s Experience Download PDF
Criminal Justice Prevention
Persistent Offender Series:            
   - Cognitions           Download PDF
   - Family           Download PDF
   - Peers           Download PDF
   - Education / Employment           Download PDF
   - Alcohol and other Drugs           Download PDF
Preventing Reoffending           Download PDF
Age and Crime Curve           Download PDF
Working with Young Offenders           Download PDF
Trends in Youth Offending           Download PDF
Social and Developmental Crime Prevention
Developmental Crime Prevention           Download PDF
Risk and Protective Factors           Download PDF
Situational Crime Prevention
Opportunities for Crime and Routine Activities Theory           Download PDF
Situational Prevention, Displacement and Diffusion of Benefits Download PDF
Preventing Graffiti Download PDF
Some Considerations for a Public Space CCTV System Download PDF
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Access Control and Territorial Reinforcement Download PDF
Natural Surveillance Download PDF
Space Management           Download PDF
CPTED in NSW           Download PDF
Sending a Message           Download PDF
Balconies and Patios Download PDF
Public Housing Renewal Download PDF
Secured by Design Approach Download PDF
Urban Design and Crime Risks Download PDF
Natural Ladders. [Poster] Download PDF
Lecture notes
Crime Prevention: Introductory Concepts Download PDF
Crime Prevention - Developmental Download PDF
Crime Prevention - Social Download PDF
Crime Prevention - Situational Download PDF
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Download PDF
Crime Prevention - Criminal Justice Download PDF
Crime Prevention - Implementation and Evaluation Download PDF

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