Fact Sheets

I have prepared a small number of fact sheets to explain key crime prevention concepts. These one or two page documents provide an overview of key crime prevention topics. They do not cover all diverse perspectives on the particular topics. They can be used in various ways, including as handouts in training sessions or as discussion starters.

Fact Sheets
Definitions & Terminology           Download PDF
Ingredients of Crime           Download PDF
Models of Crime Prevention           Download PDF
Crime Data           Download PDF
Limitations of Crime Data           Download PDF
Risk & Protective Factors Associated with Involvement in Crime Download PDF
Displacement & Diffusion of Benefits           Download PDF
Local Crime Prevention Governance           Download PDF
The Role of Local Government Pt 1           Download PDF
The Role of Local Government Pt 2           Download PDF
A Model for Prioritising Local Crime Problems           Download PDF
Ps of Prevention           Download PDF
CCTV in Public Places           Download PDF